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Thanks to SBT Global’s leading knowledge of field operations and system structures, we have created unique solutions that are recognized by SAP headquarters and continue to provide steady services for customers.

Business Solution

Infra Solution

Business Solution

Solution with know-how accumulated through more than 200 projects since 2004.

CPM (Corporate Performance Measurement)

  • Solutions for calculating and verifying financial statements by accounting unit
  • Able to calculate and analyze financial statements by scenario
  • Provide reports on financial indicators and management indicators (EVA, ROIC, etc.)
  • Have construction cases in public corporations (under Ministry of Economy and Finance, Ministry of the Interior and Safety, etc.) and private companies (food/materials/education, etc.)

SSP (Strategy Simulation & Planning)

  • Financial strategy solutions to respond to rapidly changing business environments
  • Support for optimizing strategic goal management/strategic decision making
  • Strengthen financial strategy opportunity capabilities and provide reliability
  • Support for information for real-time decision making

QSA (Quick Segment Analysis)

  • Profit & loss analysis solutions at the lowest level of customer / product / organization
  • Profit & loss analysis scenario function by job purpose
  • Highest market share among SAP 3rd Party profit & loss analysis systems

APC (Advanced Product Costing)

  • Solutions to provide source information on manufacturing and sales cost information
  • Distinguish cost impact by basic / procurement type
  • Tracking indirect cost distribution and providing return to accrual account
  • Various construction cases in the chemical/refining/pharmaceutical/food industry

ACE (Advanced Cost Estimate)

  • Cost calculation solutions by purpose using volume flow
  • Provide profit & loss analyses for various scenarios
  • Real-time profit & loss estimation for management/execution plan
Infra Solution
Security and DB Backup, SAP Interface Solution

QArch (Quick Archiving)

  • SAP Archiving Solution
  • Differentiate from Standard Archiving in file form to RDB Archiving
  • A solution that maximizes cost efficiency and ease of business

CubeOne™ for SAP

  • Encryption solution for responding to the Personal Information Protection Act
  • Real-time monitoring of encryption targets
  • Have multiple construction cases for finance / automotive / education / manufacturing / rental / retail industries

QSDI (Quick Smart Data Interface)

  • Connector for transferring data within SAP to other systems conveniently
  • Optimized interface tools for BI construction





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