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We generate revenue from both consulting and business solutions. Our consulting division provides consulting to improve companies’ business processes and implement SAP’s ERP solutions, and outsourcing service for system maintenance.

Business Consulting

IT Implementation

IT Outsourcing



Business Consulting

To help customers create and grow business value, we offer differentiated services with extensive knowledge and experience in areas such as corporate strategy, operational strategy, management innovation, data analytics, technology strategy and integration, and corporate applications.


Our manufacturing professionals use their rich experience and advanced capabilities to provide the best solutions for customers to improve their ability to make strategic decisions and put plans into actions in the 4th Industrial Revolution era.


Our financial experts offer integrated services in areas such as business consulting, business processes, IT services, and enterprise applications to help financial firms gain a competitive edge in rapidly changing environments and markets.


Services and others

We provide business solutions and enhanced PI/Implementation links that enable companies to actively respond to legal and technological changes that they face and enhance value in various industries such as consumer goods, industrial goods, energy, distribution, telecommunications, and high technology.


Our public sector experts provide optimal solutions that reflect the characteristics of the public industry, to solve major issues facing the public sector and provide policy directions.

IT Implemetation

Process innovation through consulting is implemented through IT system construction. Having overcome the challenges that arise in the process of innovation with our many customers, SBT Global offers the best value with its know-how and differentiated solutions.


  • SAP Solution Consulting & Implementation
  • S/4 HANA Conversion & Upgrade
  • CLOUD Conversion
IT Solution
  • Java based solution Consulting & Implementation
  • Custmizing & System Upgrade
IT Outsourcing

With our professional IT capabilities, SBT Global provides reliable and optimized services for customers. Through continuous IT system maintenance, we reduces the gap between customers’ business operations and IT, and respond quickly to changes in the process of field operations.

IT Service
  • SBT Global provides the IT capabilities that customers need for business, such as application and infrastructure management, IT strategy development, and service desk operations.
Solution Maintenance
  • SBT Global constantly optimizes solutions with maintenance and upgrade. In addition, our maintenance experience from our multitude of customers helps minimize customers’ risks and enables continuous innovation.


A company that provides all solutions for customer management
Salesforce is one of the fastest and most innovatively growing IT companies in the world and the Global No.1 CRM solution including CRM, sales, customer service, and marketing.
As a Salesforce Partner, we support and execution capabilities for Customer Success. We fully support customers’ digital innovation by providing different services based on Salesforce Solution’s expertise and rich domestic/overseas project experiences.
  • Connection to various channels
  • web
  • mobile
  • e-mail
  • sns
  • call
  • live chat
  • video
  • iot
  • Expansion of the building block method
  • Marketing
  • Commerce
  • Sales
  • Collaboration
  • Service
  • Community
  • Field Service
  • Analytics
  • Industry



  • Artificial Intelligence

Flexible expansion

according to your needs

  • Salesfore Customer 360 Platform
Reliable infrastructure chosen
by 170,000 companies
  • #1 Trusted Multi-Tenancy


It is a sales support tool that conveniently and quickly manages sales activities in one place. With a reliable and stable cloud system, sales reps can reduce unnecessary repetitive tasks and time spent on management with one operation and increase work efficiency.


Customer data-driven B2C marketing automation solution for marketers. Any company, regardless of size, such as small businesses, SMEs, and large corporations, can acquire new customers and nurture existing customers as key customers, and reduce wasted marketing budget based on logical reasons based on data rather than intuition.


A customer service support tool for faster resolution of customer issues, anytime, anywhere. Even if the person in charge changes when making a customer inquiry, it is possible to understand the contents and communicate smoothly without confusion with the stored customer information, and to establish an effective sales strategy by generating sales ideas based on customer data.


Tableau is an analytics platform that makes data easy for everyone to see and understand. Users who do not know coding, such as Python, R, or SAS, can easily and conveniently analyze various types of data, and intuitively check the analyzed contents at a glance, enabling more efficient communication and decision making.


Tableau is a market-leading solution for business intelligence, a visual analytics platform that helps you utilize and analyze your data in the best way. We provide services that can create value through an intuitive interface and integrated analysis function.
  • Leverage any kind of data source
  • Database
  • Big data
  • Spreadsheet
  • Application
  • Cloud
Data Preparation
Tableau Prep Builder


Tableau Desktop


Tableau Server 혹은 Tableau Online
Data Preparation

We support to extract data from various DBs used by each company and process it through an appropriate form for analysis and visualization.

Data Analysis

We provide Business Intelligence services for making rational decisions by utilizing collected data and analyzed by companies.

Data Visualization

We provide a visualized service to help users to earn insight by asking questions directly to data. We suggest the best visualization options based on the purpose and situation for analysis.